Submitting a proposal

Please find below a template on how your investment proposal should look. Your investment proposal should allow investors to quickly evaluate the potential of your business and decide whether to look into more detail at it, so please, be as specific as possible. There is no ideal length for this document. However, we would expect an average size of 5-10 pages overall during this stage. When you have finished compiling your investment proposal, please click on the "Interested in submitting an investment proposal? Register here" button or follow this link to register and submit your investment proposal.

The Organizing Committee of the Forum will contact you to determine the investment funds to which you wish to submit your proposal and will notify you for the time of your one-to-one meetings, should there be interest in your investment proposal.

Investment Proposal Template [doc, 74KB]

Important Dates

09 October 2012 1st Call for investment proposal(s)
05 November 2012 Deadline for investment proposal(s) submission
26 November 2012 Expression of interest from investors for bilateral meetings
30 November 2012 Notification of business meetings schedule to both investors and entrepreneurs
11-12 December 2012 The event

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