Entrepreneurs from Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, FYROM, Israel, Romania, Turkey, Serbia-Montenegro as well as from any party interested in doing business in S.E. Europe.
Investors from leading venture capital funds.
Top managers from already operating and outperforming companies.
Policy makers from National, Regional and European Institutions.

Investors participating in the 12th International Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum:

  1. AIMS Management S.A.
  2. Alpha Ventures Capital Management S.A.
  3. Attica Ventures S.A.
  4. Dutch Expansion Capital
  5. Eurobank Equities
  6. IBG Management S.A.
  7. LEAD Finance
  8. Logo Ventures S.A.
  9. New Mellon-TANEO Climate Change Opportunities
  10. Odyssey Venture Partners
  11. Openfund
  12. Oxygen Management S.A.
  13. Parthenon Trust
  14. Piraeus Capital Management S.A.
  15. Thermi Ventures S.A.
  16. VCI
  17. 7L Capital Partners

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